Data Backup and Recovery

Data protection is the easiest and most overseen need in IT.

Data protection can cost your company:  down time, loss of income, money, and this all effects your clients.  Most of the time a simple USB device can backup everything you need.  We offer many solutions for data protector, onsite and offsite.  We can backup anything from 1GB to 14TB and more.

Key factors for data protection:

Where is your data located? 
Your data location needs to be known or we can consult with you to find all your data locations for all your data to be protected.

What time do can your system resources be used for the protection? 
We recommend that your data be backed up every night or a time when your system resources can be used.  While your system is backing up you may experience your server or system running slow, because of this we recommend this time be when your facility is closed or slow.

Restoration of data.
Restoration of your data can take from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours depending on the amount of data that needs to be restored.  Data restoration from a backup protection can take 3-10 hours and data restoration from a system without data protection 3-10 days.